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Infinite Blue Canada

Yours to Discover

Passioned with a love for Water and Fitness, we're super stoked to bring Canada:




Regardless of your age, athletic ability, or paddling experience, we think you'll love these sports!  

No gym membership required. 

No cottage upkeep. no docking fees charged. 

 Our beautiful lakes belong to us all

Infinite Blue wants to help you get out there!

Launch Specials:

FENN Paddles: $475.00

Polyvac Surfskis: $2975.00

Ski & Paddle: $3250.00

VAIKOBI PFDs: $150.00

Bark Prone Boards:as Low as we can go



Whether you LOVE the WATER, or just want to get FIT and ENJOY the PROCESS

Who ever you are, we think you should try surf skiing.

Tired of pounding the hot pavement running; cycling on dangerous highways? 

We think you should try a surf ski: A FENN

Immerse yourself in the life-changing sport that is surf skiing.
Designed for speed and long distance over any water surface, surf skis are some of the most multi-purposed vessels out there.
A full body workout, surf skiing requires input from your legs, core and upper-body.
Don't miss out on a sport that puts no impact on your body;
from children to seniors, surf skiing is enjoyed by all ages.
Join the community; get out, get fit, explore: Canada's Infinite Blue! 
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.02.23 PM.png
 Four Time World Surf Ski Champion, Dawide Mocke : 2009-2012

Four Time World Surf Ski Champion, Dawide Mocke : 2009-2012

Welcome to Canada,FENN! 

Infinite BLue is very proud to be Canada's Official FENN Dealer.

FENN has been building World Championship level skis for over 30 years. 

Family run, hand crafted skis, FENN continues to win:

  • Molokai 2018, 1sr Place and breaking 21 year old record:  Cory Hill
  • Molokai 2018, 2nd Place Hank McgGegor
  • Molokai 2017, 1st Place: Hank McGregor
  • Molokai 2015,  1st Place: Cory Hill
  • World Surf Ski Champions, Matt Bouman (2014)  and Tim Burdiak (2016)  
  • FOUR TIME World Champion, Dawide Mocke (2009-2012)

FENN Skis 

Beginner through Elite Racing Skis
Life saving spec skis
Tandems for coaching
Tandems for racing
Tandems for FUN!
FENNS: Top quality skis that last!

FENN Paddles & Accessories

  • 100% Carbon Graphite, blade and shaft
  • 2-piece, well marked feathering
  • varying sizes, including FENN 5 for smaller paddlers and/or high turnover
  • ERGs for offseason training
  • FENN Paddle Shorts and Tees
  • Roof Racks and Trailers
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 2.08.01 PM.png

VaikobI: GEAR

made for canadian watersports

  • No more neoprene! 
  • Vaikobi's technical attention to detail will keep your body at the right temperature for optimal water sport performance: in the heat and the cold.
  • And check out Vaikobi's paddle bag! 
  • No more damaged paddles and expensive airline fees.


Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 12.04.23 PM.png

FENNS may be new to Canada, but not the world of Surf skiing!

FENN SKIs Win Again:
1st and 2nd at 2018 legendary Molokai Challenge.
Cory Hill breaks the 21 year record on FENN ELITE S
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.59.09 AM.png

On-line check out services coming soon.  Please email us in the meantime.  Purchases shipped daily. 

Shipment of skis to Western Canada shortly; limited supply.  Please let us know if you want one!

Calendar of Events coming soon:  Watch for Infinite Blue at Ontario Races and Demo Days across Canada.