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Infinite Blue: Canada's Fenn retailer.



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INFINITE BLUE has Launched: Welcome to Canada,FENN!


As people who LOVE the WATER, we're super excited to share our passion with fellow Canadians.  We're especially stoked to introduce you to FENN and the world of surf skiing.  No matter your back ground, athletic ability, age, size...there is a FENN for you.  Surf skis glide and slice through the water.  They are kayaks, but nothing like the plastic kayaks many of us have tried.  To paddle a surf ski is to feel one with the water.  It's a full body work out; core, quads and, yes,  arms and shoulders.  Safer than cycling, surf skiing is ideal for cross training, and so much more refreshing!  As Canadians, we are super blessed with beautiful fresh lakes ... just waiting to be explored...ah Canada: infinite blue!  ... ah Canada: bleu infini!





we are offering, for a limited time, introductory pricing on the following:

  • FENN PADDLES:  $400 + tax  
  • PADDLING SHORTS: $60 + tax   
  • LIFE SAVING SURF SKIS:  $3000.00 + tax



  • We want to be positively contributing to the growth of Canadian Lifesaving. 
  • We have competed at World Championships.
  • We want to give back to the sport that has given us so much.   
  • Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about Bleu Infini's athlete sponsorship program
  • Talk to us about:
    • Club Pricing
    • Coaching from a Tandem (get your order in!)
    • TRY A FENN opportunities
    • and please tell us how we can help your athletes and your club to grow


Love the water? Tired of pounding the hot pavement, cycling on dangerous highways?  Is your back sore from standing up, on your SUP?  Well, who ever you are, we think you should try a surf ski.  No, we think you should try a FENN!

Immerse yourself in the life-changing sport that is surf skiing. Designed for speed and long distance over any water surface, surf skis are some of the most multi-purposed vessels out there. A full body workout, surf skiing requires input from your legs, core and upper-body. Don't miss out on a sport that puts no impact on your body; from children to seniors, surf skiing is enjoyed by all ages. Join the community; get out, get wet, explore. 

FENN Kayak have been building World Championship level skis for over 30 years. They now have one of the most comprehensive lineups of paddle skis in the world.  Recent World Surf Ski Champions, Matt Bouman (2014)  and Tim Burdiak (2016) love their FENNS.  Four time World Champion, Dawide Mocke (2009-2012) is quoted as saying the "FENN LS is going to revolutionize the sport of lifesaving".

Whatever your level of skill you will be able to find a ski that will be perfectly suited to you.

Infinite Blue are the official Canadian importers of FENN Kayaks. Contact us today for a free trial of any kayak of your choice!




A beautiful collection of FENN Surf-Skis perfect for the most novice of beginners and the most experienced of professionals.  


Paddles & Accessories

Get the right gear to make your paddle as easy and enjoyable as possible. 



Paddle 'til it's frozen!

Stay tuned for exciting new gear; revolutionizing our Canadian paddling season.