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Welcome to Infinite Blue!

As competitive master lifesavers and folks who just LOVE FITNESS and the WATER we're super stoked to bring Canadian paddlers FENN, BARK and VAIKOBI.

Our goal was to help grow water sports in Canada by providing alternative craft options: to help grow lifesaving and introduce lifesavers to the world of surf ski and prone racing.

Starting in 2009, we researched the market; purchasing over a dozen different brands and makes of skis and boards. Though we enjoyed them all, our search continued for a brand that was comfortable and fast, yet stable and durable.  We especially wanted a ski with easily adjustable peddles: a must for clubs and families! 

FENN skis have been winning world championships for years; custom made by a family business they are the epitome of quality.  


BARK Boards: the same!  Quality, custom made - the board of world's best proners!  And LIFESAVERS - stay tuned - we'll have BARK LS SPEC BOARDS next season!

VAIKOBI was a natural addition to our line-up.  We've been wearing it for about 5 years and remain impressed with the quality.  Made for paddlers, by the world's best paddlers - VAIKOBI will enhance your paddling, be it competiitve or recreational!