Life Saving Sport


It's More than a sport. It's a community. it's a lifestyle. 


We at Infini Bleu, have a love for the water, a love for sport, and a love of lifesaving.  We want to help grow lifesaving in Canada and recognize there are many volunteers, coaches and athletes with the same heart.  We hope our Infini Bleu products, especially the FENN line, will contribute to our common goal.  


Clubs and Coaches:

Stay tuned to learn how your club can benefit from Infini Bleu as we will be offering club discounts, trial ski loaners, and athlete sponsorship.


Rescue 2018: Here comes CANADA!

Wishing all our Canadian athletes, age-group through Masters a wonderful summer of training. May we all peak in Adelaide!


Recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation, Lifesaving Sport is the only sport whose skills are first learned for humanitarian purposes. 





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