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it's called Freedom; freedom in a FENN

The ls

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 The FENN LS: an accredited Life saving spec surf ski

 that separates itself from the competition  

It’s all about the hull. With FENN’s unique hull design, the LS cuts through chop, swell, and boat traffic waves. No more bouncing on top of waves. Now we cut through them.

Responsive and stable:

 You will sense the LS cutting through as you round the Apex and head back to shore. 
The nose parts the water, then that sweet, subtle lift
 as you accelerate, and slide to the next wave.

Available in two seat depths:

Deep: more stable for emerging paddlers, rough waters
Shallow: allows for more efficient stroke

Adjustable Carbon Footings: It just makes sense!

By adjusting the feet and not the seat, your LS ski fits anyone and everyone on your team.  The paddler's mass stays where the intended by the manufacturer,
allowing the LS to perform as designed: FAST!

To quote Dawid Mocke

four time Surf Ski World Champion (2009-2012)

"The LS is set to cause a revolution in the lifesaving world. FENN has created a ski which really stands out in one key feature; its ability to cut through swell and chop."

A great sKI for Any Paddler, not just for LIFESAVING!

Though designed to meet Life Saving specifications, the LS is a great introductory ski for any paddler. 
Measuring 10 cm shorter and just 5 cm narrower beam than the Blue-Fin, the benefit of a deeper seat gives the LS that extra stability needed for emerging paddlers.  Both our  LS and Blue-Fins are constructed polyvac and weigh 18 kg.






the Fenn Tarpon is ideal for paddlers looking for that extra bit of stability.

More stable than the Fenn LS with slightly more volume, yet retains great speed.
Fully adjustable footplate to suit all paddlers. One size fits all!
580 cm long, 49 cm beam weight: 19 kg
Australian Surf Life Saving approved and World Surf Life Saving approved,


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The Blue-Fin is a super-stable, super-light ski ideal for beginners and intermediate paddlers, an ideal transition craft from sea kayak to surfski. From the bow to the back of the cockpit it is pure surfski, from the cockpit to the rudder housing it is more kayak-like, and from the rudder housing to the stern it tapers like a “normal” ski. The kayak like 1.5m section from the cockpit back is where the effortless stability comes from.

When the Blue-Fin was launched it quickly asserted itself as the number one entry level surf ski on the market. What makes the Blue-Fin so unique when compared to others in its class is that it remains a surf ski while some of the others are basically sea kayaks.

The Blue-Fin is by far the most manoeuvrable entry level craft and surfs like no other while still offering great flat water speed and stability. With a seat width of 44 cm the Blue-Fin is designed to get the new paddler out on the water without having to spend a lot of time learning to balance. 

The Blue-Fin comes with easy to carry handles and a safety leash attachment. 




  • Poly Vac 18 kg *
  • Vacuum Bagged Fiberglass 14 kg
  • Hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass 12.5 kg
  • Carbon 10 kg

* Currently in stock, special orders for others

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Designed specifically for the intermediate paddler. The Swordfish offers amazing downwind surfing ability, and is the next step up from the Fenn XT or for those looking for greater speed and a new challenge. The Swordfish easily picks up the runners similar to the more advanced skis but offers the paddler more stability and therefore comfort and control in bigger conditions.



  • Polyvac (18 kg) *
  • Vacuum Bagged Fiberglass(weight 14.5kg)
  • Hybrid – fibreglass/carbon(12.5kg)*
  • Carbon (11.5 kg)

Currently in stock; taking orders for all others.

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Elite Double S

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Elite S Double

Advanced Double Ski - A great teaching tool for clubs!

We're delighted with the new 2018 FENN ELITE S TANDEM SKI!

  • A new fitted seat design, with the positions moved forward on the ski
  • Reduced hump under legs
  • The rudder has been moved forward allowing for greater control in downwind conditions
  • The footwells are slightly lower allowing for a more comfortable seating position
  • Inclusion of leg leash attachment in both seats
  • Cutaways at the paddle entry

The Elite ‘S’ Double will take very small paddlers because of the closer seating position and less hump under the legs. The new fitted seat has been a huge hit for paddlers of this craft. The ‘S’ Double handles like a single in the runs with unbelievable maneuverability. With the new seat position, moved forward, the ‘S’ has incredible flat water speed that leaves its rivals in its wash.

Doubles are being appreciated for their teaching/coaching abilities: coach in front, athlete behind...learn through feel and sight!

And don't overlook the fun: more is merrier!







  • Fiberglass(14.5kgs)*
  • Carbon(10.5kg)*

We have sold out of both lay-ups; taking orders for our next shipment.  Please contact if interested.

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